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Liebherr Service Centre

Үйлчилгээний төрөл: Mashinery service


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Monnis Service Support was established to sustain the advantageous side of our businesses – provide timely and speedy after-sales services to our consumers and clients.

Under the warranty policy, we are obliged to repair and remove damages caused by accidents and/or during routine operations, within the liability period, at no additional cost to the client.

Moreover, we are prepared to assist those clients, who desire to maintain performance by their equipment and machinery at highest level with a purpose of re-selling those, should necessity arise. 

Service Team 
Monnis Service Support employs more than 500 workers. 

In order to promote efficiency of our technical staff, we send technicians to attend trainings organized by manufacturers at factories and invite top foreign experts to provide continuous on-job trainings.

We are all set to provide LIEBHERR spare parts, repair and maintenance services, at any given time, around the clock. For this reason, the company has arranged to work in shifts.

For instance, a service team set up at one mine is in average made up of 30-40 technicians and engineers.

To ensure timely after-sales services, we have spare parts and auxiliary material stored at the service support centres.

To this end, we are much “closer” to the customers with delivering spare parts, services and required equipment fastest as possible. 

Supply of Spare Parts 
We supply most of the spare parts from Europe. 

Bearing in mind the risk of economic losses a damage to an equipment can cause to our clients, we do our utmost to stock up spare parts and oils, to ensure smooth operation. The stockpile of necessary for maintenance and repair materials is at highest level during the peak mining seasons. 

Liebherr Service Centre 
The Liebherr Service Centre located at Songinokhairkhan District of the Capital city, is the main centre for display and storage of equipment and parts, and maintenance services. 

Within this centre, in addition to securing availability of required repair tools and equipment, the management operates a storage of heavy-duty tires, equipment oils and fluids. 

Furthermore, we are implementing a project at Khan-Uul District of Ulaanbaatar city, under which we plan to develop a centre for sales, storage, distribution and maintenance services of equipment and machinery supplied from manufacturers such as Scania, Terex, Kawasaki, Cummins, Allison transmission, etc. 

The project comprises erection of centres for assembly and repair of mining equipment, refurbishment of engines, display of equipment and machinery for lease, wholesale of spare parts, customs clearance/warehouse services, and office premises.